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The world today recognises that mental illness in young people can affect core areas such as education, achievement, relationships, and occupational success. Unfortunately, the prevalence of mental health concerns has increased among children and adolescents due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Until recently, mental health has followed a medical model, mostly associated with illness and treatment, rather than prevention and promotion.

We support schools through providing programs on mental health literacy as a preventative approach to to supporting student mental health and better life outcomes.

Our key program is the Cool Kids Anxiety Program, which is anxiety prevention and management program. This program was designed by Macquarie University and has been running since 1993. The program has undergone continual scientific evaluation and development to include the latest understanding of anxiety and its treatment. It has been translated into a number of languages and today, is used in clinics, schools and hospitals around the world.  an evidence-based program.

There are different versions of the program for different aged groups:

  • Cool Little Kids- a program for parents of preschool aged children
  • Cool Kids- a program designed for primary school aged children
  • Chilled- a program designed for adolescents.

Australian Therapy Services Asia run the Cool Kids Anxiety Program individual or group sessions. These sessions are led by Cool Kids Accredited Provider, Bronwyn Whyatt.

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