Mental health

Mental health is how children think and feel about themselves and the world around them. It affects how children cope with life’s challenges and stresses.

What good mental health in children looks like

Children with good mental health:

  • feel happy and positive about themselves most of the time
  • are kind to themselves during tough times or when things don’t go the way they expect
  • enjoy life
  • learn well
  • get along well with family and friends
  • can manage sad, worrying or angry feelings
  • can bounce back from tough times
  • are prepared to try new or challenging things.

There are periods in a child’s life when they have fears or worries or have feelings which are beyond just feeling sad, blue or low. Children who have anxiety or depression can recover and learn to live with these feelings. It is important to talk to your child’s doctor, school counsellor about ways to support them.

Australian Therapy Services runs the  Cool Kids Anxiety Program individual or group sessions. These sessions are led by Cool Kids Accredited Provider, Bronwyn Whyatt. The Cool Kids Anxiety Program offers an anxiety prevention and management program which teaches parents and children how to better manage anxiety. Within the series there are a number of programs including:

  • Cool Little Kids- a program for parents of preschool aged children
  • Cool Kids- a program designed for primary school aged children
  • Chilled- a program designed for adolescents

These programs can be provided:

  • Individually
  • In groups within school hours
  • In groups as an Extra Curricular club


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